Client Testimonies

Cares for clients and diligent with finding the right fit

As someone who is pretty quiet and is a critical thinker when it comes to decisions, I never really thought I would go and buy a first-time home. I did my research and made the decision to work with Linda. Working with Linda has been an absolute delight! The diligence she puts forward to answer/anticipate any questions you may have and to select the homes that fit the right criteria is just outright professional. She cares for her clients, and does what is necessary to assist you in finding the right home! -- Ben Tiefenbach

Top Notch Agent

Working with Linda was a pleasure! I would work with her again and recommend her for anyone looking for an agent who is professional, friendly, dependable, authentic, knowledgeable, direct, etc. I'm detail-oriented and do quite a bit of research, especially for large money things. Linda had the credentials and was well reviewed, but one can never know if they're legitimate. I have no doubt the are. To start, we met to discuss our backgrounds, what I was looking for, the buying process, etc. and to gauge how well we could work together. As a first time buyer, Linda was very helpful and patient in addressing my questions/concerns and pointing out things I had missed. Additionally, she referred me to a mortgage broker, whom she had worked with previously and was offering a program that fit my situation. I was already pre-approved with a few other lenders and ultimately went with her referral. Like Linda, they were on top of it and followed through with flying colors. Working with them and Linda made the process so smooth, easy, and painless I was surprised and thought I was missing/forgetting something. I'm extremely happy with my home, the buying process, and working with Linda! She went above and beyond to help. Done again or in the future, I'd do the same thing and recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch agent! -- Wesley Cheung

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